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LLP Erasmus 

 For those who wish to apply as ERASMUS students:

Application forms for students of our partner institutions: Application form
CD with three pieces of different styles or 3 audio files (not more than 4 MB each) sent to the International Office
Deadline: 30th of May.



General students registrations procedure 

The applications for registration to the First Level Triennal Courses and Second Level Biennal Courses should arrive to the Conservatory Didactics Secretary until the 30th of May of every Academic Year by post (recommended letter), sending the annex paper to the following address:
Conservatorio di Musica “A. Corelli” – Via Umberto Bonino, 1 – 98125, Messina Italy

he receipt of the payment registration fee 

Declaration of:

 Personal data
Diploma of Conservatory or Bachelor
High School Diploma
Not attending other compatible courses in the meantime
Curriculum vitae
Copy of the identity card

The admission tests will be done with a calendar that will be posted up at the noticeboard.